About Us


Born in Georgia, to an Italian mother and an American father,  I’ve always been interested in various cultures and traditions. My curiosity has taken me abroad working as a language teacher in Italy,  Spain, England, and Japan. I’ve also traveled extensively throughout Europe and Latin America. After having gained valuable experience living abroad, I’ve cultivated insight and a growing interest in both Western and Eastern medicine, which led to exploring Chinese Medicine and Qigong.

I’m a certified Medical Qi Gong PractionerReiki Master Practioner, in addition to having two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Spanish and Italian from the University of Georgia. I have also completed the 8-week Compassion Based Meditation Training(CBCT) at Emory University with Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Negi as well as studied mindfulness practices with many others. I have given Qigong workshops all throughout Italy, and I have also taught mindfulness to locals in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico.

Today, I professionally strive to help my clients cultivate a mindfulness practice, employing a combination of Eastern and Western medicinal techniques with a strong focus on diet, nutrition, and meditation.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my courses and/or healing sessions.