Healing Journeys

John Of God ~ Casa de Dom Inácio ~ Abadiânia, Brazil

I will be guiding a group this year to visit the world-renowned, full trance medium and healer, João Teixeira de Faria, otherwise known as  John of God.


You may have heard about John of God, or Medium João, as he prefers to be called in Portuguese, from Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dyeror maybe even Gabriel Bernstein. I came to know about this incredible man, through the experience of Wayne Dyer, who was diagnosed with leukemia prior to his visit with John of God.  I heard his interview with Oprah Winfrey and was super intrigued to learn more.  Then,  a few months later, I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Dyer speak at a Hay House event in Atlanta where he went into great detail recounting once again, his experience with John of God.  That same day, I had also learned that a close friend was planning a visit of his own to this very special place in Brazil, known affectionately as the Casa.  I too was planning on visiting on my own, since I know a little Portuguese and am a well-experienced traveler.  So once he told me he would check things out for me, I definitely knew I would be going within the next few months, and I did.

I must admit, I got so much out of my first visit.  I received visions through dreams and even deep intuitive communication from the Entities, or beings of love and light that heal through John of God, some being St. Ignatius of Loyola, Dr. Augusto de Almeida, and Chico Xavier.  But on subsequent visits, I did have the aide of a guide because the shifts I was seeking were much deeper.  I found the Casa protocols to be a bit confusing even though I could understand the language.  That’s part of the reason why I like to help people with their Casa experience.  There are many details that can be hard to take in while visiting for the first time on one’s own.

Initially, I went out of curiosity and a desire to heal some deep-seated anxiety that I had suffered from for years, but honestly, I wasn’t sure why I was going.  Since my first visit in 2013, I have now been back 7 times for myself, and for others, including my mother.  My experience has been unique each time, and my healing continues long after my visits. It’s a process, a gentle unfolding.  The healing usually doesn’t happen overnight, at least, it didn’t for me. But it’s different for everyone. Some have experienced ‘miraculous’ instantaneous shifts whether they be physical or emotional in nature.  I have seen and heard things that I would never have thought possible; truly amazing stories.  This place is nothing short of incredible and I would love to share my journey with you.  To learn more about my visits to John of God, you can check out this blog post, or even better, Susan’s post about our first trip.

Also, you can find the Casa guidebook and protocols here.


Trip Dates:

January 28th – February 11th (with an option of staying 1 week or full 2 weeks)


1 week:  $1222 double occupancy + $100 for single occupancy

2 weeks: $1777 double occupancy + $200 for single occupancy

**Full payment is due by November 25th


~Why stay 2 weeks?  Think of this visit like a visit to the doctor.  You will receive your initial healing with instructions including possible bedrest and herbs.  The following week will give you a chance to see the entities again for a “follow up visit” to fine-tune your healing process and allow you to go deeper into your own healing.  I would strongly recommend staying 2 weeks if you can and that is why I am offering a great price for that second week.


Cost Includes:

Beautiful yet very basic accommodations at a local pousada within short walking distance to the Casa.

All meals are included.  Food is fresh and local with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options!

2 bottles of blessed Casa water

Guided trip to the sacred waterfall + taxi

1st crystal bed session

Guidance, group and personal time with Mara before, during, and after your visit.


Not included:

Airfare to and from Brazil (I will provide assistance with booking your tickets if needed.)

Visa for entry into Brazil (This is required for all US passport holders. I will provide assistance with obtaining a Brazilian tourist visa.)

Casa herbs (if prescribed by the Entities)

Spending money

Tips (drivers, etc)

Casa Donation (Healing sessions from the Casa are free to everyone, however, the Casa operates solely on donations.  Please bring what you feel is appropriate.  This is strictly optional. Your name and address, etc. will not be collected. There is drop box for donations only.)

~I’m planning informational sessions in the Atlanta area, for those interested, but needing more information. Please contact me to be added to the list.  Further details will be posted here.